Is Organic Marketing Sufficient for Your Company?

What is Organic Marketing? Organic marketing or organic advertising means promoting without paying money. It’s like sharing cool posts, writing interesting blogs, or chatting with customers on social media without spending cash. It’s all about being real, natural, and, you guessed it, organic! A long time ago, in the dot-com days, organic advertising was the […]

My Video Went Viral But There Were No Sales

My video went viral, I got 200K views and 100K followers but why nobody interested to buy? I’m Mia, and I’ve been on quite the journey with my marshmallow cookies. Running a small business making these delightful treats, I decided to dip my toes into the world of digital marketing until I reached my target […]

5 Key Lessons from Unsuccessful Campaigns

5 Key Lessons from Unsuccessful Campaigns: Turning Setbacks into Opportunities for Growth Launching a marketing campaign is a bit like embarking on an uncharted journey. It’s exciting, filled with the unknown, and, yes, there’s a chance things might not go as planned. But here’s the thing—in the marketing world, even if your campaign doesn’t go […]

You Might Not Notice You’re Wasting Money On Marketing.

I. Ignoring Data Analytics 1. Failing to Invest in Marketing Analytics Imagine you’re about to jump into a river without knowing how deep it is. That’s like using your marketing budget without looking at the important numbers. Marketing analytics helps you understand what customers like Michelle and Tom want. It’s like having a map for […]

I Lost $10,000 In Advertising Campaign Due To A Mistake

Joey Barneyu recently shared detail of how he loss $10,000 on online advertising campaign. He revealed the details of a Google Advertisement campaign that went wrong and ultimately cost him $10,000. Earning money online is great, but you have to be cautious because one mistake can result in significant financial loss. No sugarcoating, just the reality. For months, his Google Ads […]

Want To Go Viral?

Want To Go Viral? Here are 4 Tricks How People Get Viral. Many owners of businesses hope to become viral in their expectation of attracting a lot of people to their sites and making earnings that will overtake those of standard marketing campaigns. Our experience and case studies show that a viral ad makes it simple […]