I Lost $10,000 In Advertising Campaign Due To A Mistake

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Joey Barneyu recently shared detail of how he loss $10,000 on online advertising campaign. He revealed the details of a Google Advertisement campaign that went wrong and ultimately cost him $10,000.

Earning money online is great, but you have to be cautious because one mistake can result in significant financial loss. No sugarcoating, just the reality.

For months, his Google Ads campaigns has been operating without any issues. He advertised a type of deal known as a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that essentially pays him each time a customer purchases the item he is endorsing.

However, issues arose later. Joey’s advertising were taken down for three days straight by Google. It is because an ad reviewer found the advertisement to be unacceptable. Ads that don’t follow Google’s guidelines for content and creativity or third-party ad serving are rejected.

The mistake in his advertisements had to do with the use of inappropriate language in order to promote the items. Google flagged the violations and issued warnings, but the important information was missed.

The twist is that during the outage, the system that determines how much Joey should pay for each new customer became muddled. When the advertising returned, Google went error in an attempt to make up for lost time. Joey wasn’t satisfied with the drastic increase in costs. He hoped that things would improve on their own, but the expense per customer increased from $23 to an absurd $76.

Joey made up his mind to take charge. He went from letting Google determine how much to spend on its own to making that decision himself. Although Joey suggested it was necessary to let the manual mode run for a while before switching back to automatic, it did assist. He increased his budget to meet Google’s automated attempt to catch up, which resulted in a sharp increase in his Cost Of Customer Acquisition.

The campaign was run for a considerable amount of time without any concerns being addressed, which resulted in a $10,000 loss. Joey made the decision to immediately end his Google Ads affiliate marketing campaign in response to the unexpected difficulties.

After the encounter, he felt that there was still more to learn about digital marketing, which made him cautious and afraid to move on without understanding all of the small details.

From this story, we discovered the hard way that you sometimes need to take charge of your advertisements. However, how can you manage that without making things worse?

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